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Superstition Amateur Radio Club

The Superstition Amateur Radio Club has something for everyone - whatever your amateur radio interests are, you will find someone in the club to exchange ideas with, learn from, and or teach someone something new. Whether you want to learn CW (Morse code) and work other continents. Build and tune your own antennas, climb mountains and talk to other people around the world with portable equipment with Summits On The Air (SOTA). How about helping others build an Amateur Radio Emergency Data Network using 2.4 GHz , 3.3 GHz and or 5.8 GHz microwave nodes here in Mesa and the surrounding communities. Not only is it a lot of fun to build, you will be able to help out in case of an emergency with the services that you can help provide.

You can even help out the National Weather Service get “eyes on the ground” for weather reporting with Skywarn. Or any number of other activities with the new digital modes of communications that we as Amateur Radio Operators have available to us. You will find there’s always someone that you can chat with while you are learning something new with your Amateur Radio License...

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[ Winter Field Day 2021 - Superstition Ameteur Radio Club ]

Winter Field Day 2021 - Superstition ARC @ Usery Pass Park #1

Winter Field Day 2021 - Superstition ARC @ Usery Pass Park #2

[ Red Summit RF Charlie Brown NJ7V YouTube Amateur Radio Channel ]

Red Summit RF Charlie Brown NJ7V YouTube Amateur Radio Channel Check It Out!

[ Managing and How to Print Your FCC License! ]

I would like to remind everyone of their responsibility to maintain a current mailing address with the FCC. If you are looking to print a copy of your current FCC license (maybe to carry along with your Go bag or on your person), here are the step-by-step instructions on how to accomplish this task.
K7EDT - Ed Taggard 73

Managing and How to Print FCC License!

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Superstition ARC / AMO Mesh Mail Group Information.

Are you interested in learning more about the SuperARC / AMO Mesh Information Network and what we are doing? Then Check out the information below:

The Superstition ARC moved our mesh mail list over to Google Groups. We also combined our effort with the Arizona Mesh Organization. This allows you to control how you receive your email. Not a member? The process to Subscribe or Unsubscribe is very easy for you to control.

  • If you were already on the Superstition ARC or the Arizona Mesh mail list, then you are already subscribed to the new mail list group.
  • Your email's will still be delivered just as they were before the change to Google Groups. By logging in you can choose how you would like receive your email's
    • Each email
    • Digest
    • Abridged
    • No Email
  • To sign in to the mail group use this link: groups.google.com
  • To Subscribe to the mail group, send an email to: mesh+subscribe@arizonamesh.org
  • To Unsubscribe to the mail group, send an email to: mesh+unsubscribe@arizonamesh.org
  • The email address is different for the new group. You will need to use: "mesh@arizonamesh.org"

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Earn AmazonSmile Donations for the Superstition Amateur Radio Club while you shop for Gifts for your Family and Friends.

[ Amateur Radio Newsline™ ] Your independent source of Amateur Radio news for today's radio amateur. You can now listen to Amateur Radio NewsLine any time that is convenient for you and is usually updated on Friday of each week.
 Listen to Amateur Radio NewsLine™

Superstition ARC Committee News!

[ Superstition ARC Net News ]

The morning Drive Time Net which runs from 7:00 to 8:00 AM Monday - Friday is looking for a few people to help out as a Net Control Operators. If your interested or have some questions about helping out, please send Dave Muller an email at: k7av@arrl.net

[ News From The Tech Committee ]

January 1st, 2021: Brent Butler W7FK was named Tech Committee Chairman by Steve Estes KB7KWK Club President. Updated Tech Committee report coming soon...

Thank you To All The Tech Team For You Help!

Thanks Again,
Brent Butlar W7FK
Tech Committee Chairman

Report Repeater Problems: tech@sperstitionarc.org

(Last updated 01-19-2021)

[ News From The Communications Committee ]

The Communications Committee has been working on making some changes to the club website. We recently added the Superstition ARC Mesh Node Map. Thanks to Eric KG6WXC for setting up the cloud server that collects the map data hourly and generates all of the data to display the map.

For those who are interested in receiving Email updates from the Superstition Mesh Mail List, you can find the information on how to Subscribe or to unsubscribe, you can use this link to do both at: Superstition Mesh Mail Group The SuperFest updates mail list is being rebuilt as a mail mail group. Soon as we have more information on this we will get it posted here.

The Officers and Board members would like to thank Dale N7QJK for all of his hard work and the time he puts into keeping our website's looking good and working so well. We all hope the changes will help get clubs news and information out to the visitors of our website's better than it had been in the past.

(Last updated 01-22-2020)

Email Dale N7QJK webmaster@superstitionarc.org

[ Superstition Mesh Network News and Information ]

If you’re interested participating and or helping with this project please contact Steve KB7KWK. You can also signup to receive emails from the Mesh Group's mail list. While we are a part of the Superstition ARC, we are not directly funded by the club. Our funding comes from grants and donations from those who are interested in and have been working on this project. Click on the link below for more information. If your interested in making a donation, to the Mesh Group. We have provided a link below for Mesh Network Info page on the clubs website...

"Mesh Network Information Page."

[ A Note From Dave Muller Communicator Editor ]

Have an idea for an news article, or something you would like to submit for publication? Then use the link below and send it to Dave Muller - K7AV. He can always use articles and photos each month. So help Dave out and submit something today.
A quick note from Dave, I would like to thank those of you who have recently sent in some great articles, Thank You and keep them coming...

[ Submit An Article To The Communicator or ADAW ]

Submission Deadline Publication Date
27th of the month First of the following month
3rd of the month Third week of the month for the following month

Email Dave Muller K7AV editor@superstitionarc.org

[ News From The SuperFest Committee! ]

[ Count Down To The SuperFest 2021 Grand Prize Drawing! ]

(Last updated 12-5-2020)