Superstition Amateur Radio Club Silent Keys Memorial Page

Silent Key (or SK) is a term of respect for a deceased amateur radio operator. The key in the term refers to a telegraph key, the instrument that all early amateur radio operators, as well as many contemporary amateur radio operators, have used to send Morse code. The term SK is used in telegraphy to indicate an end of transmission. Today, the term is commonly used within the HAM radio community as a sign of respect and condolence regardless of whether the deceased was an amateur radio operator.

This page is a memorial to the Superstition ARC hams we have lost over the years. It is a memorial to those who served our hobby and community well and have moved on to the great celestial beyond. We remove our hats and raise a glass to them.

In Memory Of Our Silent Keys

My chair is sitting empty.
My call’s no longer heard.
My radio rests quietly.
From it comes no words.
On my shack door is a message.
That reads “From Me to Thee”.
My frequency’s much higher now.
I’ve become a Silent Key.
– Judy Hudson KC9CCJ


Doug Ward – K7AEZ


Kristine Anderson – KB0KVJ
Arthur Hoffman – W7ART
Bob Bingham – K9WMP
Terry Ryan – KE7GRV


Fred Bollinger – AB7JF
Radar Matt – KF7RM
Ted Gergen – W0WCH


Daniel Morgan – K7HAA
Jean Jolkovski – W4CIH
Dale Schmidt – N7QJK


Larry Aubchon Sr. – KA7ZNC
Richard “Dick” Odegaarden – KB3FO
Steve Gurley – KY7W
Patricia R Wilson – WB8DXX.
Jane Allen – WB7FDF


Anna Taylor – N7EDC
Nicholas E. Spenser – AA7QK
Myrna L. Cross – KN7M


Richard Berkemyer – W0REP
Oscar E. Cook – K7OEC
Daniel Jackson – WA7SRP


Alan Perysian – KD7TOM


John Egan – W2YUE
Lewis Jezso – W7LEW
Mark Poole – KB7YVL


Dick Davidson – W6JX
Roger W Strong – KB1NYY


Harold Newman – KD7VK
Glenn E. Stewart – N7NRA
Michael D. Rospapa – KI7MF
Betty Hiller – W7PF
Dick Dyas – W0JCP


Marty Nicholson – N7NWC
Hank Hiller – W7OU


Bob Barnes – KC7Y

Superstition ARC Repeaters

147.120 (+) 162.2 Hz (Analog Only)
449.600 (-) 100.0 Hz (Analog Only)
448.275 (-) 100.0 Hz (Fusion)
WB7TJD-L EchoLink
Allstar link 52987

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