Superstition Amateur Radio Club - ARRL VE Testing in Arizona

ARRL-VE Testing Information.

The Superstition Amateur Radio Club does not directly sponsor or administer Amateur Radio exams at this time. For VE Testing check out the Information below. The East Valley VE Team is in Mesa. The other link covers all sessions in Arizona. The information is from the ARRL website.

[ East Valley VE Team ]

  • Sponsor: East Valley VE Team.
  • Contact: Fred C. Bollinger - 480-242-8606
  • Email: Fred Bollinger at:

[ ARRL VE Testing In Arizona ] - Links to ARRL testing sessions in Arizona, Az.

[ Morse Code Information and Links.]

The Superstition Amateur Radio Club does not directly sponsor or maintain the information found below. They are offered to provide information for those who are interested in and who would like to learn more about Morse Code.

ARRL - Learning Morse Code ARRL's Code Practice Online!
Morse Code Trainer QSL.Net So You Want To Learn Morse Code
Just Learn Morse Code & Software The CW Operators Club
Morse Code Class Net  

[ National Conference of Volunteer Examiner Coordinators]

Amateur Question Pools
The question pools are normally valid for 4 years and the current Question Pools are as follows:

Element 2 - Technician - Effective July1, 2018 until June 30, 2022
Element 3 - General - Effective July 1, 2019 until June 30, 2023
Element 4 - Extra - Effective July1, 2020 until June 30, 2024

Amateur Exam Question Pools

These can be downloaded and printed out. It is suggested you edit the files after downloading, leaving only the correct answers.