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The Superstition ARC Summits On The Air Information for club members and SOTA Activation's Around Arizona.

Superstition ARC Club Activity" Lone Mountain  SOTA Activation with - Dan KC7MSU,  Jim K2JNL,  Brian W7JET, Robert N3BZ and Bernie

The club's "SOTA group" have graciously offered to Elmer any hams who are interested in getting involved in the SOTA program. Typically, the Elmer process includes guidance with the initial setup of the SOTA website account, followed by a "joint activation" with the interested ham(s). The activation is usually a less challenging summit so that the new SOTA activator can get acclimated to the program.
Also, it is customary on this first SOTA activation for the experienced Elmer to bring all the equipment. This allows the group an opportunity to see how a portable station is deployed and operated. Then, the new SOTA participants can make informed decisions about the gear they will acquire.
You can start your Summits on the Air journey by visiting this page: Summits On The Air Join In Page
You can request to join the Arizona SOTA Group here: Join The Arizona SOTA Group Here.

You Can contact The Following Superstition ARC SOTA Elmer's To Set Up Your First Activation:

(Last updated 06-22-2021)