Superstition Amateur Radio Club Silent Keys

I am saddened to report, Alan Perysian KD7TOM passed away from an automobile accident on August 12th, 2015. Those of you who do not recognize his name or call, Alan was at just about every club meeting. He always had his grandson Nick with him. Nick was our club youth committee chairperson. We the board were fortunate to have seen Alan at this week's board meeting. He will be greatly missed. I ask to keep Alan and his family in your thoughts and prayers...

Stephen Estes KB7KWK

[ Superstition ARC Past Silent Keys ]

[ 2009 ]

  • Bob Barnes, KC7Y

[ 2010 ]

  • Marty Nicholson, N7NWC
  • Hank Hiller, W7OU

[ 2011 ]

  • Harold Newman, KD7VK
  • Glenn E. Stewart, N7NRA
  • Michael D. Rospapa, KI7MF
  • Betty Hiller, W7PF
  • Dick Dyas, W0JCP

[ 2013 ]

  • Dick Davidson, W6JX

[ 2014 ]

  • John Egan, W2YUE
  • Lewis Jezso, W7LEW
  • Mark Poole, KB7YVL

[ 2015 ]

  • Alan Perysian, KD7TOM