Superstition ARC Repeaters

147.120 (+) 162.2 - Usery *
448.275 (-) 100.0 - Usery
449.600 (-) 100.0 - East Mesa *
KB7KWK-L Echolink *

* - Linked full time

[ Superstition ARC Club Nets on 147.120 - 449.600 Repeaters ]

Morning Drive Time Net:
M - F 7:00 AM - 8:00 AM

City of Mesa CERT Team Monthly Net:
First Tuesday of Each Month at 7:00 PM
Bryan Hubbard, KF7DPC, will be the Net Control.
This NET is open to all amateurs who are interested in CERT. Feel free to check in if you are interested in becoming active in CERT. Feel free to use 448.275 repeater while the Mesa CERT NET is active....

Weekly 6 Meter Sideband Net:
Wednesday at 7:00 pm on 50.140
It is also available on the W7ASL-L EchoLink and 145.575 Simplex
Net Control is John - KD8PC

Weekly Club Business Net:
Wednesday at 8:00 PM Includes Club Announcements, QST's, Elmer Q and A's, and Amateur Radio News Line.
Net control is: John - KD8PC

Central Arizona Mesh Group Net:
Thursday at 7:00 PM. The purpose of this net is to get more people interested in and to educate people on what the mesh system is and what we as Amateur Radio Operators can do with our growing in size Mesh Network....
Net control is: Steve - KB7KWK

East Valley Swap Net:
The East Valley Swap Net has been temporally discontinued due to scheduling conflict. We will announce restart as soon as possible.

Ten Meter Net:
Thursday at 8:00 PM on 28.465 MHz Upper Sideband.
Net control is: Jeff - N7JJK

National History Net:
The National History Net has been temporally discontinued due to scheduling conflict.