Superstition ARC Repeaters

147.120 (+) 162.2 tone - Usery Pass *
449.600 (-) 100.0 tone- Stone Castle / East Mesa *
KB7KWK-L Echolink *
448.275 (-) 100.0 tone - Usery Pass **

* - Linked full time - Link between the 147.120, 449.600 and Echo Link. These Repeaters are FM Analog Only. For Fusion/C4FM please use the 448.275 (-) 100.0 located on Usery Pass.

** - Feel free to use 448.275 repeater during any of our club nets. It is our designated Fusion Repeater, this means analog users and FUSION users can use the repeater. PLEASE allow analog users unrestricted access. If there is a FUSION QSO in progress and an analog user jumps on, please go analog on your FUSION radios.

[ Superstition ARC Club Nets on Our Repeaters ]

Morning Drive Time Net:
147.120 / 449.600
M - F 7:00 AM - 8:00 AM

Monday Night Fusion Confusion Net:
The Monday Night Fusion Confusion Net is at 8:00 PM. on the Clubs 448.275 repeater located up on Usery Pass The net is open to everyone who has a Fusion capable radio. The Net control is: John - KD8PC

Weekly 6 Meter Sideband Net:
Wednesday at 7:00 pm on 50.140
It is also available on the W7ASL-L EchoLink and 145.575 Simplex
Net Control is John - KD8PC

Weekly Club Net:
147.120 / 449.600 / KB7KWK-L Echolink Node
Wednesday's at 6:30 PM. Amateur Radio News Line will be played, with the Clubs weekly Net starting at 8:00 PM.The net will include different topics of discussion and Elmer Q and A's...
Net control is: John - KD8PC

Superstition ARC/AMO AREDN Mesh Information Net:
147.120 / 449.600 / KB7KWK-L Echolink Node
Thursday evenings (except for the second Thursday) at 7:00 PM. The purpose of this net is to get more people interested in and to educate people on what the AREDN mesh system is and what we as Amateur Radio Operators can do with our growing in size AREDN Mesh Network.
Net control is: Steve - KB7KWK>

Ten Meter Net:
Thursday at 8:00 PM. on 28.465 MHz Upper Sideband.
Net control is: Jeff - N7JJK

Friday Night Fusion Confusion Net:
The Friday Night Fusion Confusion Net is at 8:00 PM. on the Clubs 448.275 repeater located up on Usery Pass The net is open to everyone who has a Fusion capable radio. The Net control is: John - KD8PC

[ Contact information for the Net Control Committee Chair ]

Net Control Committee Chair:

Contact for the Net Control Committee Chair if you have Net Control questions, comments, or concerns

Superstition ARC Repeater Notes!

[ News From The Tech Committee ]

The repeaters have been replaced with Yaesu Fusion DR-2x machines. The repeaters were in our possession on Monday Night (10-29) and we had the repeaters bench tested and installed on the same night. Thanks to KB7KWK and N9EIV for assisting onsite, and K9ZSR and KD8PC for helping testing remotely. One of the more amusing parts of the night was trying to figure out why the link from Stone Castle to Usery was so noisy, as part of troubleshooting that, we re-aimed the Yagi link antenna. Funny thing is, the antenna actually had full quieting RX of the Stone Castle when pointed at South Mountain, instead of at the Stone Castle. Right now that antenna point approximately 30 degrees off azimuth from where you would expect it.
Currently, this is how the sites are configured. Since the repeaters have dual receivers, whatever one repeater hears and repeats, is heard by the other repeater, and that one transmits it also. The link Yagi antennas are now RX only antennas.
Also, with our current configuration FUSION is NOT linked between the repeaters, this will be addressed at another time.

A huge thanks goes out to all Tech Committee personnel for all their continued work on keeping everything running...

Thanks Again,
Tech Committee Chairman

(Last updated 10-31-2018)

Report Repeater Problems:

[ Important Repeater Link Usage and Information ]

This is a semi-duplex and requires the calling station to key up and pause for a second or two before making your transmission. This will give the system the necessary time to open up the link between the 147.120 and the 449.600 Repeaters. Also before keying up please wait for the links to drop other wise the stays open and you will not be heard on both repeaters.

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You Tube Wires-X video for the Yaesu FTM-7250 from Yaesu USA.

Fusion and WiRES-X Rooms and Nodes numbers - MNWIS Room #21493

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