Superstition ARC The President's Corner

For May 2017 By Stephen, KB7KWK

Thank you to all the club members who have been attending the meetings. With the suggestions from club members at our last Club Development meeting, we are trying to have programs that you the club members have asked us to do. We recently had a program on how to solder. Thanks to Andy KD4ABB for giving that presentation. Andy also gave the presentation and hands on program on building a ladder line J pole at the April meeting. I received a lot of good feedback and comments on these two meetings. We will try to have more hands on builds for programs. In fact, we are already talking about building a HF antenna. Possibly some type of a Dipole antenna.

We are working on a way to get everyone name tags to wear to the meetings and club events. We have a lot of new hams and new members and it would be nice if we all get to know each other. The board is currently working on a better way to keep track of membership dues. This has always been a problem with the membership committee and it is very hard for them to track who is due and when. We donít want to chase people away and bother them when their club membership is up. We all have to remember that we are basically a repeater club and almost all of our yearly expenses go to the club insurance, repeater site lease and maintenance comes from our membership dues, our yearly Ham Fest offsets the rest. This is why the Ham Fest, is so important to this club and why we start planning for the Ham Fest right after it ends. There is a committee that works on it year round. Keep this in mind, if we ever lost our Ham Fest for some reason, we would have to raise the club dues to sustain our club through the year. Please help us out and check to see if you are current on your club membership. It would be greatly appreciated by the board and membership committee. I look forward to seeing all you at the next meeting and upcoming club events.

One event in particular that I always look forward to is our Organ Stop Pizza event. If you have not been able to attend this yearly event or a new member be sure to clear your calendar when the time comes. We have the whole place to ourselves for a couple of hours. There is great fellowship and good organ music from one of, if not the best, organist in the country. I also honor those people in the club who have helped out the most throughout the year.

Hope to see everyone at the next meeting.

Stephen Estes Ė KB7KWK