Superstition ARC The President's Corner

For October 2019 By Steve, KB7KWK

Hello everyone. I hope all of you are doing well. I have noticed that there are already some winter visitors back in town. We have had great attendance at all of our meetings throughout the summer and I hope to see a lot more with all of our winter visitor club members back. A big part of this attendance increase is likely due to the quality of meeting programs, and we will try to continue to bring good programs in the future. I would like to apologize for the mishap at the last meeting. We had Bob Heil scheduled to join us on Skype. Bob forgot about the time difference and tried logging into Skype at 6:00pm our time. Of course that was 8:00pm his time. So when 8:00 rolled around and we turned on the Skype Bob was nowhere around. Because it was now 10:00pm where he is, we assumed he was already in bed. Oops. Well, we contacted Bob and he said he would be more than happy to reschedule. So we can look forward to a future presentation with Bob. Jeff, K2DFE did save the day though and pulled a rabbit from his hat at the last minute. Jeff ended up playing a recording of Ham Nation with Bob as the guest. So at least club members got to see Bob talk through a interview.

The club elections committee is still looking for people who might want to join the club’s board of directors for 2020. We have several people who have stepped up to run for board member, one for treasurer, and one for president. We are still looking for a candidate for vice president. Please, if you are interested in any position, get in touch with someone on the Elections Committee. You will get to see how the club operates and help make club decisions. This club is one of the biggest in Arizona and a great club to belong to. You would be helping to keep that going.

The Central Arizona Mesh Group has changed their name to Central Arizona Mesh Organization and has formed a new club. Although they are now their own club, they do not intend to completely separate all ties from the Superstition ARC. They will still be working with the Superstition ARC on activities. There were some misconceptions that the Mesh users and the Superstition ARC had some friction. This is just not the case. The new club was formed for many reasons. The most important reason was to release Superstition ARC from any liability for installing new meshnodes. The new club will carry their own liability insurance and take care of all of the installations at all new meshnode locations.

I look forward to seeing all of you at club meetings and outings in 2019. When you see me out there or hear me on the air, please say hello.

73 Your 2019 Club President Steve Estes, KB7KWK