Superstition ARC The President's Corner

For July 2017 By Stephen, KB7KWK

Well June has come to end and once again the Board of Directors got some club business finished up. We discussed and made some changes to the By Laws. We then brought those changes to the General club meeting and had discussion with the members in attendance. Following proper protocol for such a change, we held a vote at the June General meeting where those in attendance at that meeting voted on the change. Only up to date paid members could vote. The vote was an anonymous yes. This was to change the date that all club due’s would need to be due for payment in October. Please go to the website to read it in full. Thank you to all Board and club members for helping to make this change.

We end this month with another outstanding Field Day this year. Although, we had very little attendance this year, we had a great time hanging out and even making a few contacts. We had 14 people there at the site near Stoneman Lake. Dan KC7MSU, Brent W7FK with son Justin and Son In Law Jacob, Terry KE7GRV, Terry NK7T and Wife, Brian W7JET and Wife, Douglas W7AD, Myself KB7KWK and wife, Stopping by for the day was Don W2EUl who stayed until evening, and we had a new ham and a club member Rolando Ferollino KE7PKU there until the end. Brent brought along his new crank up tower and a huge beam antenna that we helped him push up to 50 feet in the air. That was probably one of the biggest highlights of this event and it was the first time this club has had such a massive antenna set up in its Field Day history. After getting the hang of things Brent and the boys kicked buns on making contacts on 40 meters. He even grabbed a little DX in the process. He was having a blast. Dan and I logged around 20 contacts late into Saturday night after battling with Brian’s CW only a few feet away. Then we got smart and put on the 40 meter band pass filter. I know, why we didn’t do that first, hey we were anxious to make contacts… Terry NK7T was only up for the day but was not having any luck on PSK31 in fact I don’t think he made a single contact. Too bad but that happens sometimes.

Terry KE7GRV and Rolando logged a few contacts on 17, 20, and 40 meters and Brian logged around 100 CW contacts. I think the total was over 200 all together. We are currently working on possibly getting a permanent Field Day site for the future. More on that as it comes available. Thank you to Dan KC7MSU and Brian W7JET for organizing the Field Day in Jeff's absence. Jeff, we hope you are getting better; you were greatly missed at Field Day. Just not the same without you being here, Get well soon...

Remember our annual event that I always look forward to is our Organ Stop Pizza event. If you have not been able to attend this yearly event or a new member be sure to clear your calendar when the time comes. We have the whole place to ourselves for a couple of hours. There is great fellowship and good organ music from one of, if not the best, organist in the country. Also I get to honor those people in the club who have helped out the most throughout the year.

Hope to see everyone at the next meeting.

Stephen Estes – KB7KWK