Superstition ARC The President's Corner

For November 2017 By Stephen, KB7KWK

Once again we wind down another month and this month was especially important for the club. Every October we put together a committee to handle the elections for the next year and we have our nominations for the Board of Directors and Officers. This of course was on the 17th and all nominations have been accumulated by the Elections Committee. They will have ballots ready to go out to all current club members for you to cast your vote at the November club meeting. I want to thank the committee for organizing and handling all the election duties.

I also want to thank all the current Board members and Officers for all the hard work done in 2017. With your help we have made many needed changes to the club that was long in the making. For those of you who have stated that you would like to remain on the Board, I thank you for your time and dedication. I have accepted the nomination for club President once again. If elected again, this will be my 10th consecutive year and if I am not mistaken, the longest back to back President the club has had. I enjoy what I do for the club and I hope everyone is happy how things are being operated. If I am elected again, this will be my last year. I feel it is time to hand things over to someone new in 2019.

We have one more general club meeting before the end of the year. We do not have a club meeting in December. Instead of a meeting we have our annual Christmas party at the Golden Corral restaurant at Power Road and Mc Kellips in East Mesa. We always have a great time and a lot of club members always attend. Remember that you can bring your friends and relatives along also.

As always, it has been great seeing the attendance increase at our meetings We are also seeing a lot of new faces at each meeting and we grown our little club to a big one with close to 180 members, making the Superstition Amateur Radio Club one of if not, the biggest in Arizona.

Steve Estes - KB7KWK