Superstition ARC View From The Top Of The Tower

For May 2020 By Andy, KD4ABB

The months of March and April 2020 will certainly be a time that most of us will remember for a very long time. Just as the month of September 2001 changed all our lives in some way, the events and challenges of the last two months will certainly change the way many of us operate our daily life for quite some time. However, HAM radio and the Superstition Amateur Radio Club have weathered the COVID19 crisis quite well. We have all had more time to spend on our hobby, our equipment, and our club. The club's repeater technical team spent countless hoursSuperstition ARC May Presidents Corner Photo analyzing deficiencies with our repeater installation at Usery Pass, collaborating about solutions, networking with others to gather all the different parts, and using teamwork to accomplish the monumental task of designing and building a new repeater cabinet to house our 147.120 & 444.825 repeaters. I have to admit it felt really, really good to receive that phone call from the tower site manager congratulating us on one of the most well designed and built transmitter installations (amateur or commercial) he had seen. It also felt really good today to switch back forth between our repeater and others at the same site and hear music on their signals and blissful quiet on ours.

However, we still have more challenges ahead of us this year. ARRL Field Day is fast approaching and we want to have a big turnout. Jeff K2DFE is working hard on plans for this year's field day event. We plan to be back at Lost Eden in the cool pines and meadows on the Mogollon Rim just north of Clint's Well. The club's trailer is all prepped and packed. The BBQ brisket is ready to be cooked and plans and underway for a couple new stations this year. Please mark your calendar for Friday June 26 thru Sunday June 28 this year for our BIG coming outside of quarantine party.
The May 2020 club general meeting and board of directors meeting will again be hybrid Zoom and over the air meetings. All club members should receive instructions for joining the club general meeting. If you wish to sit in on the board of director's meeting, you can send an email to (24Hrs prior to the start of the meeting) requesting attendance and I will send you the Zoom meeting link. Until we meet again, Be Radioactive and Keep Hamming It Up!

Best Wishes, Andy Keels, KD4ABB