Superstition ARC View From The Top Of The Tower

For April 2020 By Andy, KD4ABB

There are very few things in life that are constant except change. I was encouraged when I agreed to run for president that some change would be welcomed. However, I have discovered that was not necessarily the case all around. Yet, nothing but changes has occurred since January. This radio station interference on 147.120 has forced many of us to change how we use the repeater. The auctioneer for this year’s junk auction was changed because Steve was sick. The February meeting agenda was reversed so our program could go first. The March meeting was held over the repeater instead of in person.

One of the things I changed that has been met with some criticism was the title of this monthly opinion editorial from the club president. A quarter century ago when I first got my license I was welcomed into the Atlanta Radio Club with open arms. My Elmer who helped me get my license and learn all about ham radio was Dick, K2UFT. He was a QCWA member, DXCC century club member, ARRL VE, and could operate a Vibroplex bug at 50 words per minute in his sleep. He was also the president of the Atlanta Radio Club. He wrote a column every month in the Atlanta Ham newsletter called “The View from the Top of The Tower”. He was a ham radio giant in my eyes, and I always wanted to be like him. So naturally when I became president of the Superstition Amateur Radio Club, the first thing I wanted to do was to be able to convey to everyone my View FromThe Top of The Tower. Leadership can be a lonely place whether it is in the president’s corner or at the top of the tower. No matter how hard you try you can’t please everyone. If some of these changes are bothering you, please know that not everyone feels the same way and some of your fellow club members have even been complimentary of the changes.

The important thing to remember through all these changes, is that the fundamentals which created and grew this club are still very much alive and unthreatened.

Ed, K7EDT, and I have been closely monitoring the official advisories and updates on the COVID19 virus conditions. I have not made any decisions on my own regrading club business activities on my own, but have been listening to advice from the officers and directors and made these decisions jointly with the vice-president. All of the presidential updates you have seen in the last month and will see in the coming year have been carefully researched and discussed and jointly agreed upon by two or more executive officers before I make send out any special messages.

Best Wishes,
Andy Keels, KD4ABB