Superstition ARC The President's Corner

For May 2019 By Steve, KB7KWK

Hello fellow club members. I hope all of you are having a great start to summer, if there is such a thing here. Well I guess you could still have a great one in spite of the upcoming heat. Of course there is one weekend in June when you can head out of town and up North to the pines and join the club for Field Day 2019. You can cool off for a day or three and have fun on the bands as well. Oh and if you think you can’t do that because you have a Tech license only, then think again. Because there will be hams there with General and Extra class licenses, then you can legally talk on those lower bands. So if you have never been on the HF bands, this is a great time to come out and give it a try.

I want to thank all of those members and non members who joined us at the annual club picnic. Although it was a bit windy, it was not hot and turned out to be a great day. We had about 30 people there and a lot of food. There was barely any food left at the end of the day. Normally we have a little stuff left over. Next year we will make sure the buns are there when the burgers and hotdogs are ready. The person in charge of the food should get a check list. Sorry Andy just messing with you. LOL…

Speaking of LOL… So it sounds like hams are exempt at least mostly, from the new cell phone law. Great news for hams but sucks for teenagers and others who like to use their phone while driving.

I noticed our last two meetings had fewer people in attendance. I guess our winter visitors are heading home. I don’t blame them as it seems it is getting pretty hot already. We will try to continue bringing good programs to the meetings. Our last program was on the flight aware software and it got great reviews and comments from club members. Our next meeting program will be on AMSAT, The Radio Amateur Satellite Corporation. This is another good meeting program. We are going to try to time the meeting right so that we can go out into the parking lot and try to talk to a satellite as it passes over.

I look forward to seeing all of you at club meetings and outings in 2019. When you see me out there or hear me on the air, please say hello.

73 Your 2019 Club President Steve Estes, KB7KWK