Superstition ARC Presidents Corner For 2021

For June 2021 By Steve, KB7KWK

Hello all, I hope everyone is doing well. It looks like the covid epidemic is finally starting to go away. I was hoping that we would get our meeting location back at the City of Mesa Charles K. Luster building, but that does not look likely in the near future. I will look around to see if we can find another place to hold meetings for a while. Our members are wanting to meet again face to face and I too would like to meet all you new members of this great club. That being said, we will be getting together at our annual Organ Stop Pizza event on July 10th. This is a great social event for the club and we always have most of the club there. Check the club calendar for dates and times of all club events.
The next event coming up soon is Field Day. If you want to get out of the June summer heat, you could drive up North to Lost Eden and hang out with the group and hop on a radio and make some contacts. The club will have radio equipment up there so you do not even need to bring a radio with you.

Our Vice President Brian, W7JET has been doing a great job bringing interesting programs to the club meetings. When you see Brian or hear him on the radio, give him a big thank you. It is not easy bringing good Ham radio programs to a meeting. Brian has programs ready to go for every meeting this year. Thank you, Brian, we do appreciate it.
I also want to give a big a big thanks to Dave, K7AV for putting together the club newsletter each month. Dave has been doing this for the club for years and I don't think he gets enough credit for doing that for us. Dave is also the Tuesday morning trivia net control operator and always has great trivia for the group. When you hear Dave, give him a huge thank you for all he does.


I hope to see all of you up at Lost Eden for Field Day. 73 for now.

73 For Now
Your 2021 Club President
Steve Estes KB7KWK