Superstition ARC Program Presentation Information

[ 2021 Club Presentations ]

Introduction To FT8 and MSK144 Presented By WillIam Thomas WT0DX

Introduction To FT8 and MSK144 Presented By WillIam Thomas WT0DX - First section missing.

[ 2020 Club Presentations ]

Welcome To The World OF Arduino Presented By Glenn Popiel KW5GP

Solar Power for Hams - Larry Fort

[ 2019 Club Presentations ]

Kevin Parmenter KG5Q - Flight Aware ADS-B Tracking

Kevin Parmenter KG5Q - Flight Aware QST Aug 2017 Article

Patrick Stoddard WD9EWK - Portable AMSAT Operations

Derek Rutz K7NZ - C4FM Presentation Revised 08.08.2019

Derek Rutz K7NZ - on C4FM and Hotspots 12.07.2019 @ Superstition SuperFest

[ 2018 Club Presentations ]

Antenna Theory 97 February 2018 Presentation

Two easy to build antennas to get you on the air and not be seen

Battery Technology For Hams

Ham Radio Contesting By James Wasson - N7ELL

Ken Waters N4PBY NWS and Amateur Radio August Presentation

John WX4LTG gave his presentation on lightning protection while outdoors and how to stay safe. Take a look at John's website, the photos he takes are very beautiful...

John Groseclose WX4LTG Photography Website

[ 2017 Club Presentations ]

Presentation on Soldering basics

AMSAT Presentation by Patrick Stoddard WD9EWK

When The Lights Go Out, Alternative Power For Hams.

[ 2016 Club Presentations ]

Presentation on Bonding Grounding for HAMS June 2016-Updated

Presentation on Stealth Antennas

[ UFH/VHF/220 - TV Twin Lead and Ladder Line Antennas. ]

UHF-VFH TV Twin Lead Antenna

2M Ladder Line J-Pole Antenna

EdFong2017-tri-band VHF/VHF/220 J-Pole Antenna