Superstition ARC Membership Information

Annual Memberships:
  • Full Membership: $25.00 per year.
  • Family Membership: $7.00 each additional club member in same household with one Full Member.
  • Student Membership: $10.00 per year (All full-time students interested in amateur radio "Student ID Required:) .
Life Memberships:
  • Full Life Membership: $250.00.
  • Total Family Life Membership: $300.00.
Membership Payments:
  • The annual dues for the first year are prorated at $3.00 for the first month and $2.00 per month after that.
  • Our Memberships run from October of the current year to October of the following year
  • We are working on a script to help calulate the amount that you will need to pay for your first years membership.

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Choose a Membership Options
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