Superstition Amateur Radio Club History

The club was founded in Apache Junction in 1973 by members of a 20-meter RV net who wintered in the east valley. In 1977 the club acquired the call sign WB7TJD and established the first repeater on 147.120 that was located in Apache Junction.Superstition ARC Cactus In 1978 stones and river rock were gathered up from the Salt River and the Stone Castle was built in northeast Mesa and the repeater was relocated and that location is still in use today for our 449.600 repeater.

In 1982 the club held its first Hamfest to replace the repeater that was stolen from the Stone castle. That first hamfest was a huge success and the club continues to hold this event each year in Mesa.Superstition ARC Cactus With the funds from this hamfest the club was able to purchase new modern equipment in January of 2015. The new repeaters are located on Usery Pass in East Mesa and our 449.600 repeater remains in use at the Stone Castle location.

The Superstition Amateur Radio Club now has over 150 members and growing. Quite a jump from those original 20 hams who founded this great club 42 years ago…