• Superstition ARC May Club Meeting - January 16th, 2018 at 640 N. Mesa Drive at the Charles K. Luster Building - From 7:00 PM to 9:00 PM - The presentation will be our annual Junque Auction. Arrive early (6:00 pm) if you have items to sell. A minimum of 10% of the sell price on each item goes to the club as a donation.
  • The Superstition Amateur Radio Club will be participating in Winter Field Day this year.We will be operating under the club call sign of WB7TJD for the event, primarily on single side band but plan on having a CW station available as well. This is a great opportunity to get outdoors, practice our operating skills and enjoy time with other ham radio operators. If you are a new ham or have never operated on the HF bands this is a great opportunity to operate in a low pressure environment. We look forward to seeing you there to enjoy a great day of operating with other club members. Below you will find date, time and location for the event.
  • Superstition ARC February Club Meeting - February 19th, 2018 at 640 N. Mesa Drive at the Charles K. Luster Building - From 7:00 PM to 9:00 PM - The presentation will be on Mesh Networking given by Steve Estes KB7KWK. Learn more about it and ask questions...
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  • Advertise your business with the Superstition Amateur Radio Club. For more information Click here to find out more about our advertising program...
  • Superstition ARC Special Event Falcon Field Open House Saturday March 30th, 2018 From 9:00 am to 2:00 pm...
  • Superstition ARC Special Event. Annual Club Picnic Saturday April 20th, from 11:00 am to 2:00 pm. at Red Mountain Park, the Ramads will be announced once it gets reserved


The annual Superstition ARC junqie auction is Tuesday, January 15th at 19:00MST. At the Charles K. Luster building located at 640 N. Mesa Dr. Mesa 85201

Rules for the junk auction are as follows:

  • If you intend to bring an item with a reserve or starting bid over $100, please email Dan DeVlieger KC7MSU kc7msu@arrl.net
  • If you are bringing something to sell, please arrive closer to 18:30 so we have time to get you checked in prior to the start of the meeting.
  • Any “junk” you intend to bring to sell must in some way, shape, matter, or form must be relatable to amateur radio
  • The club will take at least 10% of the sale price of anything sold at the auction. (we would prefer to take more if you let us).
  • If an item is donated 100% to the club for auction, you may request a tax deductible receipt, otherwise no receipts can be issued.
  • To purchase an item at the auction you must have cash in hand. No credit or IOU will be issued.
  • After the auction is over, all items left in the building after 21:30 will be put into the trash dumpster, so please make sure to claim your bought or un-sold items immediately afterward and move your conversations to the parking lot.

Thank you for helping us adhere to these rules for everyone’s benefit.
Regards, The Officers & Directors of the Superstition Amateur Radio Club

Superstition Amateur Radio Club

The Superstition Amateur Radio Club has something for everyone - whatever your amateur radio interests are, you will find someone in the club to exchange ideas with, learn from, and or teach someone something new. Whether you want to learn CW (Morse code) and work other continents. Build and tune your own antennas, climb mountains and talk to other people around the world with portable equipment with Summits On The Air (SOTA). How about helping others build an Amateur Radio Emergency Data Network using 2.4 GHz , 3.3 GHz and or 5.8 GHz microwave nodes here in Mesa and the surrounding communities. Not only is it a lot of fun to build, you will be able to help out in case of an emergency with the services that you can help provide.

You can even help out the National Weather Service get “eyes on the ground” for weather reporting with Skywarn. Or any number of other activities with the new digital modes of communications that we as Amateur Radio Operators have available to us. You will find there’s always someone that you can chat with while you are learning something new with your Amateur Radio License...

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Business owners, become a sponsor of the Superstition Amateur Radio Club. Your sponsorship will help us continue to grow and expand our services for the community including Emergency Communications.

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[ Superstition Amateur Radio Club On The Article Five Hour. ]

Listen to members of the Superstition Amateur Radio Club on the November 25th, 2018 show. We would like to thank JD Smaylis KF7VOX the host of the Article Five Hour for this show that was on Sunday afternoon on 1100 KFNX from 4:00 to 5:00 pm.

SuperstitionARC On The Article Five Hour

[ Superstition SuperFest 2018 Prize Winners ]

Superstition SuperFest 2018 Grand Prize Tickets!

[ Andy KD4ABB's Presentations Multiple Subjects ]

Presentation on Bonding Grounding for HAMS

Presentation on Stealth Antennas

Presentation on Soldering basics

[ UFH/VHF - TV Twin Lead and Ladder Line Antennas. ]

UHF-VFH TV Twin Lead Antenna

2M Ladder Line J-Pole Antenna

Thanks for viewing - Andy KD4ABB Presentations

[ John Groseclose WX4LTG Photography Website. ]
John WX4LTG gave his presentation on lightning protection while outdoors and how to stay safe.

John Groseclose WX4LTG Photography Website

[ Amateur Radio Newsline™ ]

Your independent source of Amateur Radio news for today's radio amateur. You can now listen to Amateur Radio NewsLine any time that is convenient for you and is usually updated on Friday of each week.
 Listen to Amateur Radio NewsLine™

Board Meetings

Are held on the second Tuesday of the month except December and the location is the Black Bear Diner located at 1809 E. Baseline Rd, in Gilbert, just West of Gilbert Rd. The meeting starts at 6:30 PM

Club Meetings

Are on the third Tuesday of the month except December and the location is the Charles K. Luster located at 640 N. Mesa Drive, in Mesa, just north of University Dr. The meetings start at 7:00 PM and are usually over around 9:00 PM.

SuperFest Committee Meetings

If you’d like to help out with this year’s event, the SuperFest committee meets monthly except for December just before the general meeting. The meetings run from; 6:15 to 6:45 pm. Contact the SuperFest Committee Chairman if have any questions.

Email John - KG7NSP chairman@superstitionsuperfest.org

Superstition ARC Committee News!

[ Superstition ARC Net News ]

The morning Drive Time Net which runs from 7:00 to 8:00 AM Monday - Friday is looking for a few people to help out as a Net Control Operators. If your interested or have some questions about helping out, please send Dave Muller an email at: k7av@arrl.net

[ News From The Tech Committee ]

The repeaters have been replaced with Yaesu Fusion DR-2x machines. The repeaters were in our possession on Monday Night (10-29) and we had the repeaters bench tested and installed on the same night. Thanks to KB7KWK and N9EIV for assisting onsite, and K9ZSR and KD8PC for helping testing remotely. One of the more amusing parts of the night was trying to figure out why the link from Stone Castle to Usery was so noisy, as part of troubleshooting that, we re-aimed the Yagi link antenna. Funny thing is, the antenna actually had full quieting RX of the Stone Castle when pointed at South Mountain, instead of at the Stone Castle. Right now that antenna point approximately 30 degrees off azimuth from where you would expect it.
Currently, this is how the sites are configured. Since the repeaters have dual receivers, whatever one repeater hears and repeats, is heard by the other repeater, and that one transmits it also. The link Yagi antennas are now RX only antennas.
Also, with our current configuration FUSION is NOT linked between the repeaters, this will be addressed at another time.

A huge thanks goes out to all Tech Committee personnel for all their continued work on keeping everything running...

Thanks Again,
Tech Committee Chairman

(Last updated 10-31-2018)

Report Repeater Problems: Tech@SperstitionARC.org

[ News From The IT Committee ]

Dale N7QJK has been working on needed changes and edits on superstitionarc.org site. The menu has been edited to remove the drop downs that didn't play well with Apple Products, he also changed the look of the menu. On the pages for the Communicator Newsletter was edited and moved everything to a single page. The Contact Us page and Contact page for the Officers and Board members were combined in to one page. The Club History page and the About US information was also combined together as one page alone with the Constitution and By-Laws. The footer section was also edited and a small menu was added for the Home, About Us, Contact Us and Membership pages. On the Membership page, Dale reports, that Ham Club Online - Amateur Radio Club Management System is now online. Thanks to Douglas W7ADD for getting this setup and running. It will make renewing your membership or joining the club so much easier. Douglas is also working on some edits and additions to take care of a couple of errors that occurred during the process to join or renew your club membership.

Another addition is a Signup Mail Form for people who are interested in participating in the Central Arizona Mesh Group. The mail form lets your join or be removed from mesh group's email data base...

The Officers and Board members would like to thank Dale for all of his hard work and the time he puts into keeping our website's looking good and working so well. We all hope the changes will help get clubs news and information out to the visitors of our website's than how it had been in the past.

(Last updated 7-25-2018)

Email Our Webmaster webmaster@superstitionarc.org

[ Superstition Mesh Network News and Information ]

If you’re interested participating and or helping with this project please contact Steve KB7KWK. The club is not directly sponsoring the project, and is being funded by donations from those who are interested in and have been working on this project. Click on the link below for more information
"Mesh Network Information" Page.

[ A Note From The Communicator Editor ]

Have an idea for an news article, or something you would like to submit for publication? Then use the link below and send it to Dave Muller - K7AV. We can always use articles and photos each month. So help Dave out and submit something today.
A quick note from Dave, I would like to thank those of you who have recently sent in some great articles, Thank You and keep them coming...

Email Dave Muller - K7AV - editor@superstitionarc.org

[ News From The SuperFest Committee! ]

John Wolven KG7NSP SuperFest Chairman announced, as of Tuesday November 28th we have thirteen sponsors who have donated items to be used in our hourly raffle drawings. That brings our total so far a little bit over $4,200 that we will be offering this year.

Online Grand Prize ticket sales and at our Club meetings are doing very well.. November 20th, will be our last meeting before the event so stop on by and pickup some tickets. Mike one of the SuperFest Committee members has been selling tickets at Ham Radio Outlet in Phoenix. He will be back again on the 17th and 24th possibly on the 23rd.
John also announced we have the ability to process your SuperFest Ticket purchases using your Credit Card and possibly Debit Cards if they can be processed as a credit card via the Clubs Secure PayPal account.
If any of you are interested in helping out with the 2018 SuperFest contact John - KG7NSP or attend the meetings which are held just before each monthly club meeting from 6:15 to 6:45 pm. More information to come later.

Email The SuperFest Committee Chairman: chairman@superstitionsuperfest.org
For general SuperFest questions email: info@superstitionsuperfest.org

(Last updated 12-02-2018)

[ Countdown To The SuperFest 2019 Grand Prize Drawing. ]